Our Pipeline


Our pipeline consists of innovative non-opioid product candidates focused on managing pain from acute and chronic conditions where current options have resulted in significant unmet medical need. The prodrug for each indication is a unique NCE (new chemical entity) optimized for the specific route of administration and maximum therapeutic benefit. Our lead product candidate, CA-008, is a potential first-in-class injectable prodrug of capsaicin for the treatment of acute post-surgical pain.

pipeline 6.22.2018.png

We are also actively developing product candidates to treat pain associated with cancer and osteoarthritis. CA-05X is specifically designed for epidural administration to treat refractory cancer pain.

Our third product candidate, CA-01X is a potential best-in-class single injection prodrug of capsaicin specifically designed to treat chronic pain associated from moderate to severe osteoarthritis.

Our goal is to develop each of our products with patients’ needs at the center of our focus, and to deliver products with best-in-class therapeutic potential.